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We Make Dark Scary Basements clean and bright
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A clean and bright space will put a smile on your face


Experienced Bright Basement Specialists

If you have a damp, dark, or dingy basement that you wish was brighter, more organized and more welcoming place to be then Bright Basements is the company for you. With over 10 years in the business of remodeling basements, we will work with you to create a space that is not only beautiful and functional but safe as well. Our professional crews are helpful, courteous, and will follow up on any questions you may have after our work is completed.

Moisture Control

First and foremost we dive into the root of the problem which is to control moisture. 

Water Managment

Moisture control can be controlled be water management. IE; gutters, sump pumps, exterior grading. 

Paints and Epoxy

Once moisture is controlled, then we seal out and remaining moisture in the ground. greatly reducing mold growth with paints and epoxies.

Bright Basements

Free Consult

Make an appointment with a professional to discuss options to reduce moisture levels in your basement and come up with finish product expectations.


Some basements need more attention than others to solve moisture and mold problems. There are lots of ways to reduce moisture, from sump pumps, dehumidifiers and paint, epoxy’s, and sealants. Our experts give you the information needed to execute the right plan to make your basement bright and clean. 

new space

Create a space you can use, that is bright and dry. Bright Basements focuses on the end goal of giving you a space you can use confidently. For storage, a home gym, or even just laundry. 

Ready to make your basement a BRIGHT BASEMENT?

We love talking basements, contact us today to schedule a FREE consult and lean ways to make your basement a Bright Basement.

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